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Lucy Buxbaum
Email: lbuxbaum@empowermentcpc.com
Phone: (866)754-4973 Ext.: 122
Availability: Monday to Wednesday


I am a Licensed Independent Certified Social Worker, with a Masters of Science in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work and a certificate in psychotherapy awarded by the State of New York. I have practiced for 30 years in New York City and New Jersey.


My interests and experience include working with people suffering from depression and other emotional symptoms, as well as thought disorders. I use individual and group therapies, couples and family modalities to alleviate distress and bring positive changes to the patient’s lifestyle, interpersonal relationships and work. Guided by the principle that human beings need to belong to a valued group of the community, I help patients set goals of their choosing related to preferred roles.


Regardless of an outer show of indifference, people at base want to be a part of the mainstream of life. You deserve to live a satisfying life. I apply this principle to therapy. The process works and people grow from this endeavor.