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Satellite Office: 280 Broadway, Suite 202  Providence, RI 02903

Saira Qureshi
Email: squreshi@empowermentcpc.com
Phone: 866-754-4973 Ext:. 115
Availability: Wednesdays & Fridays 10 am - 6 pm.


I am a licensed mental health counseling clinician in RI. I hold a master’s degree in Applied Education Psychology from New York University. I completed a post-graduate advanced counseling program at Rhode Island College and my clinical internship with Child and Family services’ intensive and partial hospital programs at The Providence Center in Providence, Rhode Island.


My counseling approach is person-centered and collaborative. It is based on Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Mind Stimulation Therapy (CMST) and Mindfulness skills and techniques. I follow the biopsychosocial and ecological models to assess different aspects and areas of clients’ lives to collaboratively plan their treatments with realistic treatment goals. Additionally, I use integrative techniques to best meet clients’ treatment goals.


I offer individual, family, couples and groups counseling. With children and adolescents, I employ play and art therapy strategies and exercises. I have experience working with clients diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Stress disorders, Personality disorders, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, emotional dysregulation, relationship problems and learning disabilities. Also, I can offer therapy to address self-injurious behaviors and lacking self-esteem in adolescents and adults, as well as trauma-focused CBT and grief therapy to clients of all ages.


As your therapist, I listen, help process situations and barriers to work towards building socially well-adjusted existence. As clients will consistently progress in their abilities for self-care and self-improvement, their symptoms will decrease and become manageable. Clients with successful treatment outcomes will be able to advance in realizing treatment plan goals. With practice of coping skills and self-awareness gained through therapy sessions, clients will feel empowered, begin living meaningfully, make conscientious choices and decisions and possibly engage in transcendental pursuits in their lives to deal with feelings of exhaustion, frustration, hopelessness, low self-esteem, emptiness, boredom or loneliness, etc. I also prepare clients for after-care with appropriate referrals to programs and services which they can reach out to after their treatment ends with me.


I believe that positive therapeutic alliance, effective counseling skills, mutual trust and commitment to treatment on the part of the clients greatly help achieve positive treatment outcomes and treatment goals. To that end, I ensure that clients are clear of what they can expect during therapy sessions with me. Clients will gain deeper insight into their core beliefs and unhelpful cognitive, affective and behavioral patterns, as they simultaneously begin to build their coping skills repertoire. Through psychoeducation and reflective practice by engaging in narrative and bibliotherapies, I facilitate clients in envisioning and moving towards independent, meaningful living. I show clients how they can welcome wellness into their lives through experiential nature conscientious living, and in turn, break through depression and anxiety symptoms, and substance use disorders. I focus on clients’ strengths, resources, talents, and intrinsic motivation to make desired cognitive, affective and behavioral changes in themselves to live happier, enriched, healthier, independent and responsible lives.

I look forward to working with all clients and effectively meet their treatment needs.