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Headquarters: 1629 Central Street, Suite 3  Stoughton, MA 02072

Maria Neves
Email: maria.neves@empowermentcpc.com
Phone: 866-754-4973 Ext.: 145
Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays


Emotions are complex entities, fed by our experiences, beliefs, and relationships they can be both difficult to express and understand. For individuals who feel overwhelmed by their emotions compounded by the every-day stressors that life can bring, therapy provides a pathway to enhanced wellbeing. Tackling the misconceptions and stigmas that therapy is a privilege for a select few, my goal is to help put the power of self-awareness into the hands of all individuals through a mental health plan of action with a modern nuance that feels relevant to the realities of today. 


With a masters in clinical social work from Simmons University and over 25 years of experience in the areas of urban social work, trauma crisis evaluation, adolescent and adult mental health and therapy among others, my experience covers all areas but my approach as a psychotherapist is specifically targeted to help foster proactive conversations in hopes of transforming one's fears into strengths to fortify mental wellbeing. Addressing mental health in a more holistic sense, my practice explores all angles of how individuals understand themselves and their relationships, with the unique ability to aid individuals who speak Cape Verdean Creole solely.


So join me and together we will develop the tools that will allow you to address your emotions head-on with actionable strategies that target the root causes of your difficulties. The health of our physical body is deeply rooted in mental wellbeing so let’s put our wellbeing at the forefront and place a renewed focus on care and healing from within.