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Therapy and Support for Families

We offer therapy for families who are seeking skills and insight to create a supportive and positive family life. Our team can work with any members of your family that are connected to the struggle for your child’s wellbeing. We can meet in our office.


Mentoring and family Support

The main clinical precept of family systems theory is that individual problems must be understood within their larger family and environmental systems, which often provide the key to successful treatment. Family therapy provides a way of thinking in systemic, relational terms, and a set of strategies for intervening with individuals, couples, families, and other systems. Whether the client is a large family or a single person, family therapy focuses on changing relational interactions.

In addition to this relationship focus, family therapy considers biological, environmental, and cultural influences on the client. Ultimately, this systemic way of thinking—essentially a model for understanding the complex relations that make up the world—can help therapists of all orientations in their practice.


Couple Therapy

Why do men and women struggle with intimacy, love and companionship in their lives? Are your expectations of a high-quality relationship realistic, or are they influenced by preconceived notions of what love "should be"? In couples therapy, our approach is to help couples evaluate their relationship as well as to help them bring out the rational side of each other.

Couples learn the art of negotiation in order for both partners to better respect each other's different needs in the relationship. Unlike conventional couples therapy, we encourage couples to develop creative solutions to ongoing problems. We teach you new concepts that will help you learn the art of negotiation around conflicts, enriching, rather than eroding, your relationships.