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Our mission and history

Our mission is to empower Individuals, Couples and families to realize their fullest potential.

The well-being of our patients is the top priority of the Empowerment Counseling & Psychotherapy Center, we understand that seeking therapy is a very important decision and patients are seeking real decisions, lasting changes and trusting relationships in a supportive environment.

The Empowerment Counseling & Psychotherapy Center is committed to actively working with those who are ready to explore, change, redesign and rebuild their lives and experience the benefits therapy can provide.


Counseling and Mental Health

Counseling can lead to the resolution of a living problem, as well as learning new and more adaptive ways of thinking and being.

Results of counseling can include:
  • Insight and understanding of oneself, with greater self-awareness.
  • Relief from past hurts
  • Increased acceptance and appreciation of oneself.
  • Increased ability to control oneself and one's urges.
  • Development of new skills and abilities
  • Improved motivation towards actions that are good for one's self.
  • Improvement in relationships with others.
  • Changing of relationship with family, friends and others.
  • Making amends for past negative actions.